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Using The Right Face Painting Supplies

When you decide to include face painting as an activity at a kids' birthday party, school festival or community carnival, the most logical place to purchase supplies seems to be the local craft store. 

Your list includes some face paints, brushes, sponges and glitter ... not too difficult to find locally, right?

Unfortunately, most local craft retailers do not stock the most appropriate tools and supplies for truly safe Face Painting.  You may have seen other face painters using everyday craft paints, but this is not the best paint to use for the safest and most attractive face painting designs.

A child's skin is sensitive.  To truly have a successful and safe event (which means happy kids and happy parents), using the proper Face Painting Supplies will make all the difference.

The only kind of paint that is truly safe to use for Face Painting is FDA-compliant, water-based face paint.  The packaging will say "Face Paint" as opposed to "craft paint," "acrylic paint," or "tempera paint."  These types of paints, not specifically made for skin, can cause serious allergic reactions to the skin including burning, redness and irritation.  Some craft paints could also stain skin.

Water-based Face Paints are easy to use, dry quickly and wash off easily with soap and water.  And the best part about authentic Face Paints is that they are no more expensive that your average priced craft paint.

The same principle applies to glitter.  Craft store glitters usually contain metal particles that can get into the eye and cause abrasions and irritation.  When utilitizing glitter at your Face Painting events, choose cosmetic grade polyester glitter.  An alternative to glitter is to purchase "sparkle" Face Painting, where the glittery glow appears right in the paint.

Although some major cities may have theatre supply or clown supply stores that sell authentic, safe Face Paint, the best place to find the largest selection of Face Paints in a range of prices is the Internet.

Face Painting can be a memorable experience for kids at parties, festivals, carnivals or picnics.  By using the proper tools and supplies, you can be sure that the children will be part of a safe and fun activity.

A selection of Face Paints and other Face Painting supplies can be found at

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