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Free Face Painting Ideas

You can find Free Face Painting Ideas all over the Internet.  Some designs are simple and some are much more complicated.

If you are just beginning, you'll have more success with simple face painting designs.  These designs are more linear in nature, use only a handful of colors with little or no blending.

This is not to say that the more complicated-looking designs aren't easy.  Many times, full face painting designs are painted quicker than a cheek art design. 

As you search for Free Face Painting Ideas, look for step-by-step instructions that literally walk you through each part of the design ending with the completed design.

Basic cheek art, or small designs that are painted on the cheek, are fast to paint, easy to learn and great for the non-professional face painter who wants to learn quickly for a birthday party, charity event or school activity.

One example of a Free Face Painting Idea is this monkey.  I received a request from a dad who was planning a monkey-themed party for his daughter and he asked for a very simple monkey design that he could quickly replicate.

monkey face painting    monkey face painting    monkey face painting    monkey face painting    monkey face painting    monkey face painting    monkey face painting    monkey face painting    monkey face painting    monkey face painting

Of course, the photos were larger, but here is a portion of the email that I received from

"Wow, thank you so much! That is incredible!!!

I plan on purchasing your ebook, because with two little girls I imagine this is a skill that will definitely come in handy. I have about two weeks to master this cheek art, hope my wife doesn't mind being a practice canvas. You can be sure I'll take plenty of pictures.

I can't thank you enough."
J. K.

Animals are popular designs with kids as are balloons, hearts, flowers, holiday motifs and popular cartoon characters.

Once you possess basic skills along with the proper supplies, the possibilities are endless.  What started as a search for Free Face Painting Ideas for a one-time event could easily turn into a passion for a new business.  Who knows?  Anything is possible!

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