EASY Ideas For Face Painting Fun!


Face Painting Ideas

If youíre little one has chosen a specific costume for Halloween or if youíve been volunteered as a face painter at a school event, youíre probably searching for face painting ideas. Look no further. Face Painting Ideas are everywhere.

And if you need practice before the big event., there are so many places you can practice the art of face painting. Just put the call out to the neighbor kids and watch them come running. Let your childís school or church know that you are perfecting your art and need practice. Watch how fast they pull their calendars out to book you! You will be amazed at how often you will have the opportunity to practice your new face painting ideas.


Face Painting is an enormously popular event at all kinds of parties: birthday, costume, school parties, etc. Adults love to get dressed up as well and adults love face painting; donít let them fool you. Always consider the age of the individuals you will be painting. This will determine how complicated your face painting designs can be. For example, small children have a harder time sitting still so you may want to pick patterns that are simple and quick to complete.

Festivals and Fairs

There are always festivals and fairs in local communities throughout the year. Face painting for school fairs is a great way to help your school raise needed funds. Pep rallies, sporting events, tournaments, picnics, etc. How many festivals can you think of where face painting can be offered? One of the best examples is that of Renaissance fairs where everyone wants to dress as fairies, pirates, and much more. Fairy designs can range from a full face design to just a fairy wing eye mask. Another area that is often overlooked is the idea of setting up outside of specialty shops or in the park. Remember to always ask before setting up and let shop members know how this could be beneficial to both you and the shop.

Face painting is a year-round activity. You can face paint only for your family and friends or you can start a small business. Donít be afraid to ask to participate at events or fairs. Most organizers will love having a face painter at their event.

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