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Ten Tips For Buying And Using Face Paints

1.    DO make sure the package explicitly states that the paints are for painting faces and skin.

2.    DO purchase only FDA-compliant Face Paints, Glitter and other supplies.

3.    DO purchase face paints in an array of bright, bold colors. 

4.    DO purchase a face paint kit large enough for the type of event you are painting.

5.    DO consider placing your face paints on ice to minimize melting if you are face painting  outdoors in hot weather.

6.    DO practice with your new Face Paints before the big event.

7.    DO use separate paintbrushes for each color family of Face Paint. This will alleviate mixing colors accidentally which could make your face paints muddy or dirty.

8.    DON’T try to use craft paints or acrylic paints instead of authentic face paints.

9.    DO clean your face paint brushes and other tools with clean water after each event.

10.    DO avoid using face paints on someone with cuts, abrasions or sensitive skin.

And the Last Tip for Buying and Using Face Paints:  HAVE FUN!

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