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Gallery Of Face Painting Examples

Enjoy our gallery of Face Painting Examples.  These are some of the most popular Face Painting designs often requested by children over and over again.

"Cheek art", or simple designs painted on the cheek, are generally the simplest and quickest to paint.  "Full face" designs require more practice and a bit more time, but full face designs are usually the ones that give kids the "wow" factor when they see themselves in the mirror for the first time.

Many other Face Painting examples can be found in books and on the Internet.  We are constantly adding to this page, so check back with us often to see more beautiful Face Painting examples.

If you have photos of your Face Painting creations that you would like included on this page, send an email to jdwestcott @ (no spaces between @) with "Add My Photo" in the subject line.  We'll send you all the instructions right away.

snowman face painting   butterfly face painting    cat face painting   tiger face painting

hearts face painting  puppy face painting lion face painting  spider web face painting

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Photo Credits
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Cat, (c) Photographer: Stanislav Tiplyashin | Agency:
Tiger, (c) Photographer: George Muresan | Agency:
Hearts, (c) Photographer: Marcelmooij | Agency:
Puppy, (c) Photographer: Marcelmooij | Agency:
Lion, (c) Photographer: Marcelmooij | Agency:

Spider Web, (c) Photographer: Darrell Young | Agency:

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