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Where To Find Simple Face Painting Designs

If you've gotten your set of Face Paints and you're ready to start painting but don't know what to paint, look no further than your child's coloring books!

You'll find hundreds of characters and images that are perfect for converting into a Face Painting design masterpiece.   If you're just starting out, always remember that simpler is better.   Preschool coloring books and coloring pages are great because they contain very little detail. 

Practice each design a few times on your hand or paper before you attempt to paint a child's face.  Practicing simple face painting designs will give you the confidence to paint quickly and efficiently.

Here are a few Face Painting designs that are always popular with any child:
party hats and confetti
soccer ball
holiday designs

You can also search "Free Coloring Pages" on the Internet to find a huge selection of ideas for Face Painting Designs.

If you are face painting at a child's birthday party or volunteering to face paint for the first time at a carnival, picnic or fundraiser, choose a small selection of just ten or fifteen designs to offer the children.  It's better to perfect and move quickly through a few face painting designs than to offer kids a larger selection of 50-100 designs that you are unsure about.

After you've made your designs selections, it's time to purchase Face Painting Supplies.

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