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Face Painting For Halloween

Do you remember those plastic Halloween masks we wore as kids?  They were hot; we couldn't see to the right or the left and as luck would have it, the elastic would snap just before we hit our first house for trick-or-treating!  Well, forget those can finish off even the simplest costume by Face Painting!

It's easy!  Let's say your son is a pirate.  Instead of him wearing a black patch which could impair his vision, you can paint a black 'eye patch' along with a mustache and beard.  He'll look like a real pirate, but he'll be ten times more comfortable than if he wears a mask or eyepatch.

How about a fairy princess!  It's simple to face paint some swirlies, a makeshift crown on her forehead or some glistening stars around your little princess' eyes.

We've just added FIVE new full-face Halloween designs to the Easy Face Painting E-Guide.  In minutes, you can make a simple puppy costume go from 'just okay' to spectacular.

We've given you step-by-step photos and instructions on a:
Bunny Face,
Puppy Face,
Super-Simple Butterfly Face,
Princess Accent

Scary Tiger!

These full-face designs are not only perfect to enhance Halloween costumes, but really fun to paint any time of the year. 

The most fun I've had is when my kids try to paint me! 

Give Easy Face Painting a try this Halloween.  And remember, we always offer a No Hassle Refund Policy.  So there's no risk.

And if you get into the painting mood, check out Easy Pumpkin Painting.   It's the best Halloween Craft activity for even the youngest goblins.

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